MoQi Wellness

[ moh • chee ]

I help millennial women unearth blocks to their self esteem so they can learn to love the skin they are in.


Mozelle is a current doctoral student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in San Diego, CA. Studying Chinese Medicine has allowed her to develop a relationship with the  meridian system of the body. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) resonated with Mozelle because of its connection with the system in which acupuncture is based. Mozelle is an EFT Universe Certified Practitioner and she is also trained in Chinese Face Reading, a system in which lines, wrinkles, and facial features are interpreted, giving insight into one's personality and character traits. Because of the emphasis of social media in today's society, Mozelle has realized that much of one's self worth is, unfortunately, dictated by one's physical appearance.In her current practice, Mozelle combines face reading and EFT as a way to unearth blocks to self esteem. In combining both modalities, Mozelle believes that women can learn to love the skin they are in and, as a result, lead more empowered, embodied lives.

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