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I help millenial women unearth blocks to their self esteem so they can learn to love the skin they are in.

“Mozelle is a wonderfully intuitive and thorough practitioner. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to the highest standards of clinical EFT have delivered life-changing benefits to the clients lucky enough to work with her. I am truly proud to have been her mentor.” Naomi Janzen, Certified Clinical EFT Expert Practitioner and Trainer.

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“With assistance of Mo, EFT is a great way to clear out emotional blocks that keep causing the same reactions to the same problem. It helps you gain new insight and shift your perspective to a way you had previously been able to see because you were so stuck in old emotions. I also no longer become tense in situations I have no control over (i.e. traffic, lawsuits going haywire etc.) I also had huge shifts in my thinking about past events that greatly affect my present perception. I also think [Mo] did a really good job on picking up the subtle issues behind what I was feeling and the reasons for it without asking a lot of questions. Very effective use of time.” Alexandra Mae

Meet Dr. Armijo

My name is Dr. Mozelle Armijo, DACM, L.Ac  and I am a Certified Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques practitioner,  licensed acupuncturist and Chinese Face Reader. 

I came to find EFT because I was left in the emotional storm of a bad break up. I was knee deep in my doctoral program at the time and the break up triggered so many negative and self critical emotions that distracted me from my work, schooling…and not to mention, my personal relationships. Every arena of my life suffered greatly because I was anything but present with my emotional and physical body. I was living in the past and the future. My head in the sky and I was literally doing anything to avoid dealing with my present reality.

My health and well being took a major toll too…proof that emotions can wreak havoc on your physical body. I lost so much weight, developed weird health issues,  and would often wake up from restless sleep with terrible anxiety. I gravitated to EFT because even though modalities like acupuncture and herbs helped me greatly, I could not schedule a 2am appointment with an acupuncturist when I woke up with crippling anxiety. But, when I started using EFT, I could manage my emotions as they arose, and within minutes of becoming triggered, I could focus again and get through the day.

Through regulating myself everyday with tapping, things started to fall into place and slowly but surely, I got my life back. I started to understand that the reason why the break up was so devastating for me, was less to do with that specific relationship but more with my emotional history as a child and adolescent. 

I want YOU (yes you!) to understand that what happens to them does not have to define them and they do not have to live in the shadows anymore. You can empower yourself and your power is one tap away!

California Licensed Acupuncturist (2020)

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM)

EFT Universe Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner and Mentor

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (2020) from Pacific College of Health and Sciences

Graduate from Master Face Reading Certification Program, Lotus Institute (2019)

Bachelor’s of Science from UC San Diego (2015)

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“Mo created the container to help me get to the bottom of some of my health and relationship struggles. Not only does she know what she’s doing, she has a special gift to share and assist others in their healing journey. I would recommend her to any of my closest friends and family.” Christian P.


Face Reading

Chinese Face Reading is a system that was developed 5,000 years ago alongside Classical Acupuncture Chinese Medicine. Acupuncturists were the doctors of the ancient royal families and were an integral part in keeping the royal family eternally healthy. But, these doctors were not allowed to heavily palpate the royals and therefore had to rely on looking at the tongue, feeling the pulses on the arm, and looking at the face. Chinese Face Reading can be used diagnostically in the study of Chinese Medicine, but it can also be used to give insight into what you have endured emotionally and physically, your human potential, and your unique personality traits. This system of thought attributes lines and wrinkles on the face to certain emotions and their overuse or underuse. Learning about your face can bring awareness to your emotional history and can facilitate a profound transformation.

Emotional Freedom Techniques 

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is most commonly known as tapping. Tapping is a self comforting, self empowerment tool that is based on the ancient meridian system that acupuncture is based on. It is a variation of acupuncture and is often called the emotional version of acupuncture, but instead of using needles, all you need is your fingertips! At its core, tapping is a stress management technique. Stress can come from our relationships, our careers, limiting beliefs, physical pains, or negative things that happened long ago or are currently happening. You simply ‘tap’ gently on specific meridian endpoints located on head, face, and upper body while thinking about an issue affecting you and voice positive affirmations simultaneously.

EFT reminds you that you are not what has happened to you and you are not your emotions. Emotions are simply a stress response, and when the sympathetic system is activated, it is meant to keep you safe. Fight or flight. But that response is not who you really are. EFT gives you the opportunity to rewire your brain gently and create new neural pathways that will help you see yourself different and the world around you. 

Research has shown that tapping can be used to effectively reduce stress levels in the body because it interacts directly with the nervous system. More on the science of tapping can be found here. You literally have power at your fingertips. Imagine what is possible for you!

“Mo’s calm and compassionate demeanor as well as her intuitive knowing, which she employed throughout my sessions, were so refreshing. Her gentle guidance through my tapping experience created a safe space for me to access latent limiting beliefs and rapidly release them from my existence. The greatest benefit from working with Mo was that even though I’ve been doing a plethora of personal work for a few years now, she was able to adroitly pinpoint areas I may have overlooked and bring them to light very rapidly–within the first five minutes of the first session. I had no prior experience with EFT and was truly impressed at the changes that I not only was able to quickly create during the session, but in the coming days as well. I have more clarity and freedom now.” Victoria Rose

what I offer

Are you curious about what it would be like to work together?
Schedule a Free 15 minute Zoom call with Mozelle to find out. 



Available to new clients. The package includes an initial 30-45 minute discovery session, five 60 minute tapping sessions, and one 75 minute face reading session.



Available to return clients only. Single session includes one 60 minute tapping session. 



Available to new clients. The package includes an initial 30-45 minute discovery session plus five 60 minute tapping sessions. 

“My experience with Mo was remarkable! In just our first session, she helped me arrive to my own conclusions and was very present throughout the session. I would recommend these services to someone who has an idea of what things are bothering you while having Mo guide YOU to your own conclusions. Mo is very gifted in seeing what flows with you and what does not! I am someone who had done emotional work in the past, but the biggest benefit I received from working with Mo was being able to get to much deeper depths on the work I had already done. Mo’s approach was unique because she wasn’t bound by protocol, she follows principles and helps you find your way.” Bryan E.

“She created a safe space for me to feel vulnerable. I was able to become aware of and process some deeply buried emotional trauma. Her EFT techniques helped me learn to become more present and aware of my body in the moment. To sit with myself and allow myself to feel.” Amber

FAQs About Working Together

Why don’t you do single sessions for new clients?

EFT works deeply and cumulatively. It may take time to establish safety in one’s body. The mind body complex sometimes takes a while to feel comfortable exploring uncharted emotional territory and deeply seated issues. Tapping together over a series of weeks gives an appropriate amount of time for the body to truly integrate the new neural reprogramming that is happening within the mind as a result of tapping. It also makes sure enough time is devoted to unpacking appropriate issues/challenges to ensure lasting effects. I also enjoy working with clients over a short period of time because it allows safety, rapport, and trust to be built, between client and practitioner, AND (most importantly) within the client themselves. If you can learn to trust yourself, you can learn to trust the process.

What is the Discovery Session?

The discovery session is the first session in the package. It is an exploratory session that is devoted to goal oriented conversation. There will be no tapping in this session; it is purely conversational. This discovery session will serve as a springboard and foundation for our work together and prime your body and mind for the journey to come. We will not unpack, process, or recall big issues, during this session, but rather look forward into the future together and create a plan for your  impending transformation. After this initial discovery session, the rest of the sessions will be spent tapping, 60 minutes at a time.

What is expected of me if I buy a package?

My ultimate goal is that at the end of our time together, you will have learned the basics of tapping and how to conduct it on yourself, so that during stressful times, it is a tool that you can rely on. I will be giving you self work to be done outside of our sessions–this may look like reflecting on journal prompts, tapping on a certain issue, or reading.

How long will we work together?

We will work together for a minimum of 5 weeks. For my new clients, I advise scheduling  one session every week for 5-6 weeks. Once you have completed the package sessions, you can then schedule single 60 minute tapping sessions with me, as needed.  

How do I know if EFT is right for me?

I personally think everyone can benefit from EFT because as human beings, emotions are just a natural part of existing. And, whether emotions are your central issue or simply a byproduct of another issue, emotions are always present in your life to some degree.

EFT is one of the best self help/ self empowerment tools I have ever come across. At any moment, you can tap into something more…and all you need are your fingertips!

Still don’t know if EFT is right for you? Use this checklist to see if EFT is right for you. Even if you just check a couple things, EFT can help increase the quality of your life and tap into something more! 

What if I have more questions about working together?

Schedule a free 15 minute consult using the button below. We can go over any questions you might have, and you can learn more about what I do and how I can help you. You can also email me directly at connect@moqiwellness.com !

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What does working with me look like?

What does working with me look like?

Great Question! For new clients, I only offer packages of 5 sixty minute tapping sessions PLUS 1 thirty to forty five minute discovery session. This is because EFT works cumulatively and real changes can be seen  and felt by working together over 5-7 weeks. ...

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Is EFT right for me?

Is EFT right for me?

Well, I personally think everyone can benefit from EFT because as human beings, emotions are just a natural part of existing. And, whether emotions are your central issue or simply a byproduct of another issue, emotions are always present in your life to some degree....

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“I would recommend Mozelle’s Emotional Freedom Technique because I find it very effective for working through emotions and psychological trauma that one may not even realized was a thing. It’s a really cool approach to recognizing and working through trauma in a safe way. For me, it started with something I have been dealing with that was very obvious and surface level. From there it went into some subconscious feelings and emotions in which I needed to process. Mozelle expertly facilitated and guided me through this process. Upon completion, I felt lighter and more joyful. It was a very nice experience and I highly recommend Mozelle for her Emotional Freedom Technique.” Michael S.

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