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Learn to Tap with Mo

In this manual you will find information on:

  • the science of tapping and why it is is so helpful
  • how to tap effectively
  • different variations of tapping with videos included

PLUS you have access to 5 tapping scripts with audio recordings so you can listen and tap along and a tapping self care routine that will maximize your self work recovery time.

Custom Tapping Signs Designed for YOU

EFT is a modality that is diverse and can be done remotely, which means you can do it from the comfort of your home! As an EFT practitioner who works from home, I noticed that as I as conducting sessions, I used a lot of sticky notes alerting my family that I was in a session and I would be back soon.  I soon got tired of sticky notes because they weren’t as sticky as they promised and I found myself writing notes over and over again.

So, I created these groovy “do not disturb” signs that can be used for practitioners and clients alike.
These can be  made into door hangers, signs, or whatever suits your style!

Ensure your session is quiet and peaceful by alerting those around you that you’re tapping into something more.
Simply download in whatever format you want (PDF, PNG, or both) and transform it into whatever you’d like.

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